Whatever your situation, it is vital that you get the best professional advice for your individual circumstances. This is true whether you are looking to apply for a visa or already have a visa but need further help. With ever-changing regulations and policies, this is no easy task.
The process of deciding on the best visa pathway starts with us getting to know you and gaining an understanding of your motivation. We think very carefully about all the factors that may affect you and then give you the best-tailored advice.

This is the nuts and bolts of what we do.
We consider the requirements of the visa that you are applying for and then guide you on the evidence that you need to provide to support the application.
We draft the application and the forms needed to support it, before passing to you to review and sign off.
We submit the application of your behalf and having done so keep the application under review until a decision is made. We give you regular updates throughout and advise on Bridging visa questions ( if the application is lodged in Australia).
We advise you of the outcome and on your future plans to stay in Australia.

A visa refusal is everyone’s idea of a nightmare, but handled right, it can lead to a successful outcome and for some can substantially prolong their stay in Australia.
Initially, speed is of the essence as there is no way that an appeal can be lodged outside the allowed time. You need an agent who understands the basis of the refusal and can create a pathway for a successful appeal from day one.
Once lodged, we carry out legal research based on your situation and relevant legal precedents before writing a legal submission.
If a hearing is required, you can rely on our years of experience appearing before the tribunal to give you the best chance of success.

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Why we get out of bed in the mornings..

​We aim to give the best Australian migration advice and service to each and every one of our clients at an affordable cost and then deliver unmatched service excellence.

​It’s simple really. Delivering a great customer experience is at the core of what we do. You can say that we take pride in delivering ‘old fashioned’ service to all of our clients. That’s fine with us if by old fashioned, you mean brilliant service delivered with integrity and care.