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We understand just how important it is for those in Australia to be able to help their parents and children to come to Australia and share their lives here.

Parent visas.

Parent visas are available to the parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents who meet certain requirements to act as sponsors. There are several options open to those considering applying for parent visas and the decision about which visa to apply for will depend on numerous factors including; your financial position, whether you want to apply in Australia; or if you are content to wait in their home countries while your visa are processed, your age and the country you are applying from.
With current visa processing times of 4-5 years it’s vital that you look at all the parent visa options and consider very carefully how best to proceed. We love helping parents reach the right decision for the whole family and we do this by talking to you on an obligation free basis at a time to suit you.
In order to be eligible for a parent visa you must meet the following general requirements;

Child Visa

This visa isn’t too common since most children are included on their parents’ visa applications, but their occasions when this does not happen and where the parent wants their child (who can be located inside or outside Australia) to gain permanent residency here.
In order to be eligible for a child visa you must meet the following general requirements;
child visa

Your parent must;